Hilda Gets Fucked by Her Neighbor

April 7th, 2010

Her Old Teacher

Hilda got in to some trouble with the local cops for being caught smoking and bunking off teach. Picking her up and taking her home to her parents they told her that they expected her to do some community service work and that they would check back in with her parents after a few weeks to check on her progress. Hilda had no idea what she was going to do to get credit for community service until her dad suggested that she visit the older neighbors in the neighborhood and ask if there was anything she could do to help them.

The first house Hilda went to was Mr Marco’s house next door. Marco was a real kinky old boy but Hilda had no idea when she went over there. As she sat at his kitchen table and explained that she was looking to help him out for community service credit he smiled and walking over he grabbed her face to kiss her and told her he had just the thing. As he kneeled in front of her and parted her legs to see her sweet teen vagina Hilda wasn’t too sure but as soon as he started to lick her love bud she couldn’t believe how good it felt!

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Damien and Hal Getting Off

April 7th, 2010

Real Drunken Boys

Hal had just been laid off from his part time job and was pretty upset because it meant that he wouldn’t be able to pay for his text books for next semester. When he got back to the apartment he shared with Damien he started telling him all about his awful day when Damien suggested that they play a drinking game or three to put them both in better moods. Hal had nothing to lose since he didn’t have to get up for work in the morning so he grabbed a bottle of Vodka and they started the games.

After quite a few shots Hal could barely sit up anymore and told Damien he was headed in to lay down for a while. Damien followed him in to the bedroom because he was worried about how drunk Hal was but what he should have been worried about was how horny Hal was! As soon as Hal saw Damien he started to strip, and as soon as his ramrod was out Damien could see that he was hard for him and as drunk as he was he just couldn’t help leaning over to touch his hard dick.

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Summer Gets Naked

April 3rd, 2010

Nubile Ones

Summer has always been a kinky coed cutie pie pie, from the very second she turned eighteen she was looking every which way for a new knob to cram in to her twat! Unlike most innocent eighteen year old cutie pies Summer doesn’t care about playing sweet, she’s more of a tiger and likes to jump on the first penis she see’s and cram it in to her twat and ride it until she cums. Summer doesn’t care if those fellows want to catch it all on camera either because she really gets off on watching herself fucking on camera and then the whole cycle just starts all over again because she can’t wait to get off again!

Watch Summer in these pictures as she gets down and dirty with two fellows in a video clip but only after she’s done her kinky little striptease. Starting off in her lustful little black tanktop and a short pink skirt with black fishnets Summer kneels on the sofa and peels down her tanktop to flash her perky little milk wagons and her nubby nipples. Of course the guys go wild and it only eggs Summer on so she slips down her skirt too!

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Tracy Takes Chubby Weenie

April 3rd, 2010

New Porn Talents

Tracy works as a stripped in a local stripclub, it wasn’t exactly what she dreamed that she’d grow up doing but it kept the bills paid and left her a little extra in her pocket to shop for clothes and the usual girly stuff like makeup. Tracy’s dream had always been to be a movie star though. She always wanted to make it large on camera and when a boy came in to the club one day and told her that she had what it took to make it on camera Tracy thought her big break was finally here! What she didn’t know was that he was talking about porno videos!

Tracy met up with the man at his local studio after work. He oozy talked her real good telling her all about what a big star she would be once she was released on film. It wasn’t until he asked her to rehearse a scene with him that Tracy realized it was a porno! She wasn’t beyond starring in a porno though, especially if it meant that she’d appear on camera and once she saw the size of the guys huge knob she was all for it!

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Drunk Straight Stud Used By Gay Studs

April 3rd, 2010

Straight Boy Sucking Cock

Check out this alcohol influenced scene from Real Drunken Boys. The man in the middle of tonight’s action is straight, or at least he was until he had way too much to drink at the bar. That’s where these three gay twinks found him. He was fuck addicted as hell and looking for some cunt, but these gay boys had something else for him.

He eagerly agreed to come back to their apartment for a few drinks. But instead of a few drinks, they gave him a few beefy cocks. He had never been with a dude before, but next thing you know, he’s in the middle of it all, sucking a dick. It didn’t stop there. Soon, he’s sucking cock to all three of them, going around in a circle and giving them all attention from his mouth.

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Melanie Does DP

April 3rd, 2010

Crazy DP

Melanie had always told her boyfriend that she was crazy in bed but she wasn’t sure that he actually understood what she meant so she decided that she was going to put him to the test. One night last week Melanie told her boyfriend that he had free reign but he had to arrange a kinky night filled with naughty fun. She was curious to see what he’d come up with but she was glamorous sure that he wouldn’t come up with anything kinky enough to surprise her.

That Friday night Melanie came home from work and found her boyfriend waiting for her with a cute pink bikini and a pair of black high heels in hand. He told her to take a shower and put it on and come in to the bedroom. When Melanie walked in to the bedroom she was amazed to find her boyfriend and a total stranger laying on the bed with their cocks out just waiting for Melanie to get to work. As Melanie crawled between them she laid down and took one penis and popped it in to her mouth, reaching over she grabbed her boyfriends cock in her hand and started to jerk him off too!

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Dennis Takes A Messy Cumshot

April 3rd, 2010

Cum From The Ass

Kyle met his current boyfriend at a local bar when they were both with other people. They both knew that they were the ones for each other at the time and that the people that they were with weren’t the ones who made them happy so Kyle secretly slid his telephone number in to Henry’s pocket when they said their goodbyes. From the time that Kyle got home he was waiting for the phone to ring, he couldn’t wait to hear from Henry and he was certain that he’d give him a call.

It was three days before Henry gave Kyle a call, he told him that he’d been nervous but he was sure that he wanted to taste Kyle’s sweet ass so he wanted to get together at a local hotel where no one knew either of them. Kyle could barely contain his excitement when he arrived at the hotel that afternoon. The thought of Henry burying his dick deep in to Kyle’s ass made his cock throb and when he thought about the feeling of Henry shooting his thick wad of ball batter in to his tight puckered ass. As it turned out Henry couldn’t wait either!

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Stefan?s First Gay BJ

April 3rd, 2010

Favorite Boys gay porn

Stefan had just seperated from his wife after fifteen years of being married and one of the dudes from his gym offered to let him stay in his extra bedroom until he figured things out. Stefan couldn’t decline the offer because really he had no where else to go but he was a little bit worried that his friend would try to come on to him because he’d heard that Frankie was gay. He moved in the following week.

Frankie was showing Stefan around his place and as he leaned in to the closet to show Stefan how much room there was in there Stefan put his hand around his waist. He wasn’t sure why he was doing it but he wanted to know what it felt like so he leaned in and started to kiss Frankie. Frankie kissed back and then pulled off Stefan’s shirt. Stefan couldn’t stop himself and pushing Frankie down to the floor he begged him to make him feel good. He’d never wanted to experiment with a guy before but he was so fuck addicted he just couldn’t explain it. Frankie unzipped Stefan and slipped his sausage in to his warm wet mouth and Stefan couldn’t believe how good it actually felt, Frankie knew just where to roll his tongue.

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Miko Fucks Gay Ass

March 28th, 2010

Gay Cartoon

This fuck starved blonde teen was visiting Japan when he got picked up by a hot man. He couldn’t help but want to feel his dick deep in his ass and so he followed him through the busy streets. Rounding corners and ducking in alleys soon he was led in to a dark door and out behind a curtain. As his friend undressed him he felt his penis growing harder and as he dropped to his knees and slipped his friend’s dick between his lips suddenly the curtain opened and bright lights shone on them both.

Miko didn’t know what to do so he kept on sucking until his friend told him to bend over and spread his buttocks wide. Doing as he was told Miko bit his bottom lip and spread his ass. As he felt his new friend’s fat rod slide in to his puckered asshole he couldn’t believe how thick his rod was. Looking up he noticed an entire audience watching him get his tight backdoor pounded. People began to throw money at them and Miko felt his cock begin to throb. His new friend reached around and began to stroke him off while he nailed him in the ass.

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Stanley Gives A Gay Lesson

March 28th, 2010

Gay Lessons

Stanley was an art teacher at a local community college, he always paid special attention to his male students who showed an interest in him. Last week one of Stanley’s students approached him and asked him if he could talk to him for a moment, Stanley agreed but had no idea what he was about to be asked! His student pulled him aside and asked if he woul be interested in teaching him and his boyfriend a thing or two about gay sex since both of them were virgins but really wanted to try messing around together. Stanley wasn’t about to pass up the chance to see two hot chaps fucking so he agreed and arranged to drop by their apartment that night.

When Stanley arrived at the apartment both of them were standing around in the kitchen with a glass of wine. Stanley told them to have a couple more to loosen up and once everyone had a nice buzz going on things started to get marvelous pretty hot quickly! First Stanley taught them how to suck a boner the right way, making sure never to use the teeth and always use lots of tongue. Then things got hotter when he disciplined them how to take a chubby knob in the ass!

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